5G Protest in Venice, California on July 27, 2019

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In solidarity with protests across the nation, called for by 5G Crisis.com, 5G Free Topanga and Beyond joined with LA Skywatch and Thomas MacFarlan to organize the first of continuing monthly protests against the 5G roll-out.

Next Stop 5G Protest Saturday September 29

Demonstrators have continued this protest on the last Saturday of the month every month since July, 2019, with the intention to keep protesting until the 5G roll-out is stopped.

Meet in front of the French Market Cafe on Abbott Kinney Blvd by 10:45 am. Protest goes from 11am to 1pm.

More detailed info on the protest by Thomas MacFarlan on Minds.com

Facebook is blocking sharing the event because of linking to Minds.com, but please try to share it there anyway, as well as on Instagram and Twitter and everywhere else!

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