Has your electro-sensitivity had a dramatic impact on your life? Is it clear from timing and/or location that your injury or illness was a direct result of EMF exposure?

Are you willing to share your story in this and other public forums* so that others may learn from your experience?

You are invited to send us a video or a written version of your story for publication on this website for sharing.

Record a Video

Scripted or unscripted, the most powerful way to share your story is in your own voice, on camera.

We know people tend to watch shorter videos, so try to keep it under 3 minutes. If you really want to tell your whole story in a longer video, please make a list of the highlights from your long version, and then make a short version video in which you cover just those key points. Your short version video can link to your full story in the video description.

Upload your video(s) to YouTube or Brighteon and then send us your links. (You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one. If you have a gmail or google account, you can use that account, or create a new one.)

Write Your Story

Tell your story in your own words: what your life was like before non-native EMF radiation caused you illness or injury, what type of non-native EMF radiation you were exposed to and how close and for how long, what your life has been like since, and if you’ve recovered, what measures you took to regain your health, and what percentage you feel you’ve recovered.

Proofread (and maybe and have a friend proofread), and then send us your story.

Include at least one photo or image we can publish as the featured image for your post on our website.

We will publish your stories and videos on the Stories section of our website.

We will also invite you to participate in our ES Documentation Project (optional).

* Links to your story and/or video may be shared on various social media outlets.