Legal Action Team needs Lawyers, Paralegals, Administrative Support, Web Publishing

Legislative Action Team needs volunteers to help attend meetings with Representatives

ES Documentation Team needs volunteers to get their Electro-Sensitivity documented

Fundraising Team needs people to help organize our first event, scheduled for October 6th, 4 to 9 pm

Public Relations Team needs a Video Artist/Editor, graphic artist

Social Media Team needs more people posting, liking, sharing, and re-tweeting! If you can help from where you’re sitting right now, find us on Facebook and Instaagram and also check out our Shareables

Outreach Team needs people to make calls, post flyers, and more

Website Publishing Team needs WordPress/Website Tech Support (not Development), News Posters (you don’t need to be able to write blog posts, just post the latest news), Image searchers (find great photos), Graphic Artists, Video Editor

If you want to help on any of the Teams described above, please contact Julie at