5G Dragnet ~ Short Film by James Corbett

Generation Zapped ~ Trailer 1

Generation Zapped ~ Trailer 2

Generation Zapped ~ Full Film by Sabine El Gemayel

An Invisible Threat ~ Trailer

An Invisible Threat ~ Full Film

Investigates conflicts of interest among Telecom companies, politicians, and scientists.

The 5G Trojan Horse ~ Documentary by Derrick Broze

The Conscious Resistance Network

5G Beware ~ Short Film

NOTE: The statement that we need more studies is not true. We have thousands of research studies showing harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation, and the science is far beyond what was necessary to take other toxins off the market, including lead, tobacco, DDT, etc. If you find a study that states there is no negative health effect, or negligible effect, look to see who funded that study.

5G Apocalypse ~ The Extinction Event ~ Trailer

5G Apocalypse ~ The Extinction Event ~ Full Film

Five G ~ 2019 Documentary

5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Resonance ~ Beings of Frequency ~ Trailer 1

Resonance ~ Beings of Frequency ~ Trailer 2

Resonance ~ Beings of Frequency ~ Full Film by James Russell

Take Back Your Power ~ Trailer

Take Back Your Power ~ Full Film