5G is not just the next upgrade from 3G and 4G. 5G will be transmitted on a 4G backbone, so will be an addition, not replacement, to the total dose exposure of radio-frequency microwave radiation we are all exposed to. 3G and 4G use microwaves (yes, the same wavelengths as your microwave oven), and 5G will use wavelengths from microwave to millimeter wave. So-called “small cells” are smaller than large macro cell towers, but they transmit the same effective radiated power, so by placing them right in front of people’s offices, homes and bedrooms, people will be exposed to hundreds of times higher microwave and millimeter wave radiation levels than from distant 4G macro cell towers.

The fact that millimeter wave transmissions don’t travel as far requires that small cell towers be deployed every 200 feet throughout our neighborhoods. Plans are approved for well over 50,000 satellites blanketing the entire planet in radiation, plus one million ground stations to connect to the satellites.

5G is a final piece in a global surveillance puzzle sugar-coated as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The benefits being marketed to consumers belie the real agenda. This is not about driverless cars or being able to download a movie in thirty seconds. This is about total global surveillance, and gathering and selling data on every aspect of our lives. While the service itself is projected to rake in $Billions per year for the Telecom companies, the sale of our personal and formerly private data is projected to rake in $Trillions per year.

The 5G Mass Experiment: Big Promises, Unknown Risks

NOTE: The above video says the scientific community is divided on whether or not microwave radiation is safe. That is false. The only studies that say electromagnetic radiation is safe are the ones funded by the Telecom industry. Stating that we should halt the 5G roll-out based on “the precautionary principle” is inaccurate and a weak argument. Precaution is a stance when faced with uncertainty; we already have thousands of studies proving clear evidence of harm from radio-frequency microwave radiation to people, animals, insects, plants, and microbes. The science is settled, and we do not need more studies to know that we should replace hazardous 3G/4G/5G technologies with safer technology. We demand decisive action.

Source: 5GCrisis.com

Over 10,000 scientific studies have been done showing links between electromagnetic microwave radiation and a wide range of health problems, including neurological damage, heart damage, DNA damage, infertility, and various cancers. People are already dying because of exposure to 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. 5G will only accelerate and worsen biological harms resulting from radio-frequency microwave radiation exposure. And many studies show environmental damage as well, including dying trees and decimated bees.

Why 5G Isn’t an Upgrade

Final reports have recently been published on two important studies. The first was done by The U.S. National Institutes of Health / National Toxicology Program (the NTP study), and was the longest and most expensive study ever done to determine whether or not non-ionizing radiation causes harm other than thermal effects. The study concluded that there is “clear evidence of cancer” in mice and rats exposed to radiation equivalent to light cell phone use after adjusting for body weight. The NTP study was then validated by Italy’s Ramazzini Institute, which tested similar frequencies / wavelengths and exposure times, simulating a far-field cell phone tower rather than a near-field cell phone, and found the same types of brain tumors (gliomas) and heart tumors (schwannomas).

These studies were conducted using frequencies / wavelengths in the 3G technology range, and two types of signal modulation (GSM and CDMA). While we have been waiting for results of long-term studies on 3G technology, our homes, offices, and neighborhoods have already been saturated with microwave radiation from 4G technology, and the Telecom companies propose to ramp up to higher effective radiated power and add millimeter wavelengths on top of the microwave wavelength radiation. 5G would run on a 4G backbone, so the microwave radiation would not go away. How many more people will sicken and die before we change policies and implement safer technologies?

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks

An estimated 15% of the population was already electro-sensitive (ES) when tested in 2004, and many more people identify as ES today with the current proliferation of 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless infrastructure. People are already suffering illness and disease from existing technologies. 5G is hundreds of times stronger, and uses millimeter waves on top of microwaves.

5G Free California began organizing in autumn of 2018 in an effort to stop the 5G roll-out following the FCC 5G Small Cell Order, based on health, environmental, and privacy concerns. This FCC 5G Small Cell Order has begun to be enforced here in California and in the rest of the United States. But an “order” of the FCC is an administrative action that cannot supercede law.

Update on the 5G Roll-Out

The millimeter frequencies didn’t work, so lower frequency bands are being used. These frequency bands were previously used by the military and air traffic control towers, and the airline industry is calling for a halt to the roll-out because 5G will interfere with altimeters and other crucial systems on airplanes.