Tower and Antenna Mapping Project

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Please Join Our People-Powered Cell Tower Mapping Project

Because these maps are not properly maintained, we the people have taken it upon ourselves to organize a cell tower / antenna mapping and testing project as an act of self-defense.

There are many unregistered cell towers, antennas, and distributed antenna system (DAS) stations that have been installed without being properly registered, and do not appear on any maps available to the public.

In addition, many cell towers and other wireless infrastructure, both registered and unregistered, can often be tested to be operating at much higher power levels than allowed by the FCC’s own ridiculously lax regulations, and/or local regulations.

So leaders in various Stop-5G groups have organized a project to test, map, and report towers and antennas that are in violation of FCC or other regulations. Anyone with the proper meter can participate in checking for excessive non-native radiation on your street or in your neighborhood.

This is being organized across many Stop-5G Groups, and we will soon post more information and best practices for documenting cell towers and other wireless infrastructure that are in violation of FCC and other regulations.

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