Dr Angie Colbeck Testifies on the Health Hazards of EMF Radiation

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Dr. Angie Colbeck at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing on October 4, 2018

Dr. Colbeck states there are now thousands of studies showing the following adverse health impacts of wireless radiation:

  • Cancer
  • Oxidative Damage
  • DNA Damage
  • DNA Failure
  • Cardiac Arhythmias and other effects on the heart muscle
  • Blood Pressure and Vascular effects
  • ADHD
  • Behavioural Disorders
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Memory Loss
  • Changes involving the Blood/Brain Barrier
  • Effects on Neuron Firing Rates in EEGs
  • Disrupted Immune Function
  • Changes in Stress Proteins
  • Reproductive and Fertility Effects.”

“The data is solid, showing adverse health impacts from wireless radiation. Thousands upon thousands of studies, independent from Telecom studies, have been done, showing the proof.”
~ Angie Colbeck, MD

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