We see the 5G Small Cell Order and the legislation that refuses to consider its harmful impact on health and environment as something we need to stop.

URGENT: Click to see our Call for Plaintiffs in a Lawsuit Against the FCC to Stop the 5G Roll-Out

The time has come to challenge Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, which takes away local authority and public input into siting this infrastructure and prohibits challenges based on environmental concerns, which has been interpreted to also include health concerns.

Many municipalities have written non-binding ordinances challenging the 5G wireless roll-out and demanding studies on health and safety. These municipalities have received letters from the telecommunications industry threatening lawsuits for challenging federal law.

We presently have a list of thousands of Electro-Sensitive people working with us who would welcome being a part of a lawsuit on this issue. We think a challenge could be placed on behalf of Electro-Sensitives (ES) and the failure to accommodate them under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), since there will be no way to escape the radiation once this roll-out occurs.

A recent National Law Review Brief highlights the health concerns from 5G and calls for more local control.

An important note: A considerable amount of 5G can be done “wired” using fiber optic cables, the safer alternative, which is something we consumers have already paid for. But the telecommunications industry profits more from wireless. We think part of the solution now is to build a grassroots movement with legal support to halt the roll-out of this dangerous technology. The 5G roll-out has begun and time is of the essence.

Also, there are bills in the Senate Commerce Committee which would link 5G to national defense, making it still harder to halt.