This page covers effects of electromagnetic microwave radiation on bees, trees and plants, farm animals, and wildlife. Also affected are bacteria and microbes, both beneficial and otherwise.

Excellent Books

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

Wireless Silent Spring by Cindy Russell, MD

Environmental Health Trust ~ Research Collections

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Effects on Farm Animals and Wildlife

French Court Orders 4G Cell Tower Shut Off After Farmer Complains that the Radiation is Damaging His Cows’ Health. A farmer in central-east France said that milk production had dropped by 15-20% in the days following the antenna installation, and 40 of his 200 cows had died.

Correlations Between Introduction of Wireless Radiation and Environmental Impacts

1904 ~ Telegraph technology was first developed and tested on the Isle of Wight beginning in 1904, and by 1906, 90% of the bees were dead, and when they brought in fresh bees, those bees also died in one week.

1994-2002 ~ Cell phones were introduced in the UK; the house sparrow population declined by 75%, and the species is now listed as endangered.