We are organizing to defeat or amend several terrible telecom bills introduced in the California legislature:
SB-556, AB-537, AB-955, and SB-378.
See home page for more details.

We are meeting with elected officials and their staff at the local, state, and federal levels to educate them about 5G and demand their help in stopping the roll-out.  If you are willing to speak with your representatives on these issues, in person or via zoom calls, please contact Julie Levine at (310) 455-9389.

We are also pursuing alternative strategies holding City Council members and others accountable to their oath of office as a contract to protect communities.

We are also considering linking to the municipal lawsuits challenging the FCC, calling for an injunction until health and safety studies are completed on the 5G infrastructure. Since we already have thousands of studies proving 2G and 3G technologies are hazardous to human health and the environment, we are confident 5G will fail to pass independent safety studies, and we believe this is why none have yet been done by the telecommunications industry.

Paul McGavin explains local governments do have power to limit cell tower siting