Call for Plaintiffs for Lawsuit to Stop the 5G Roll-Out

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Hello, fellow warriors in the fight against 5G and wireless radiation, This is Julie Levine, Coordinator of 5G Free Topanga and Beyond and 5G Free California with an important request.  If you are already experiencing symptoms from wireless radiation, keep … Continued

Dr Sharon Goldberg Testifies on Health Hazards of EMF Radiation

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“We have decades of evidence to show that it is not safe.” ~ Sharon Goldberg, MD Dr. Goldberg says there are thousands of scientific studies in PubMed peer-reviewed literature proving exposure to pre-5G levels of EMF radiation causes: Cancer DNA … Continued

Elana Freeland Speaking in Topanga ~ February 16

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Geoengineering, The Global Military Programs You Haven’t Heard About, and Their Connection to 5G Presented by Elana FreelandThe chemtrails whitening the skies around the world are only a hint of vast military programs being carried out globally. Are they about ameliorating … Continued

January General Action Meeting

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General Action Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday every month at 7 pm at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. We are making an exception for the January 2020 meeting because it would have been held the day after … Continued