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“Wireless technology is no longer advanced technology, it has outlived its usefulness as a main source of connectivity. Wired broadband is at least 100 times faster, more reliable, and resilient, and is far more protective of privacy, than wireless connectivity.”

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada,
who worked at Microsoft for 14 years before leaving to launch Citizens 4 Safe Technology

Fiber First LA Compares Inferior Wireless to Superior Fiber-Optic Broadband

Fiber First LA

Fiber First LA: What’s Wrong With Wireless

Fiber First LA: Please Support Our Legal Action Against Los Angeles County

Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks by Timothy Schoechle, PhD

Cover - Schoechle - ReInventing-Wires-Future-of-Landlines-and-Networks

Central Conclusions from “Re-Inventing Wires”

  • Internet access in the United States has been hijacked by commercial interests and motivations that constrain its availability, quality, content, and media.
  • High-speed optical fiber-based Internet access network should be available to every community with a direct hard-wired connection to every household and workplace.
  • The Internet has become a basic public good vital to our society, and it should be available to all in a safe, reliable, fair, affordable, and energy efficient manner.
  • Wireless access service is not an adequate substitute for wires, and should be considered adjunct to wired.
  • So-called public-private partnerships inevitably tend to introduce inherent conflicts of interest between the public and private for-profit investors. Thus, in principle, community networks should be financed, constructed, and managed in a manner analogous to such public infrastructure as municipal water systems, sewers, streets, or libraries—keeping local governments in the driver’s seat.

13 Ways “Fiber [in]to the Premises” (rather than 4G/5G wireless antennas) Strengthens U.S. Communications, National Security, and the Economy

  • Speed of Internet Access
  • Neutrality of Internet Access
  • Quality of Voice Communication
  • Reliability
  • Energy Usage and Efficiency
  • Resiliency in Extreme Weather Events
  • Value for the Money to All Users
  • Safety and Cybersecurity
  • Personal Privacy
  • Public Health
  • The Biological Ecosystem
  • Landline Phone Access When the Power Goes Out
  • The Integrity of the Communications System as a Whole, which has become hijacked by commercial motivations and riddled with planned obsolescence and unnecessary future costs for us all

Audio Presentation on “Re-Inventing Wires”

Recorded at the Commonwealth Club on February 5, 2018

Video Presentations on “Re-Inventing Wires”

Fiber is Faster ~ Key Charts from Reinventing Wires

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