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Check These Maps to See How Many Cell Towers Are Located Near Your Home or Workplace

These websites were designed so people could choose to rent or buy near good cell phone reception, and they can be used for the opposite purpose: to find a safer place to live that has less non-native wireless radiation.

These maps are NOT all-inclusive of all cell towers, antennas, or DAS stations, but they do at least give you a baseline from which to start your search for a safer home. This is because many additional cell towers, antennas, and other wireless infrastructure have been installed without proper registration, and are not reflected on these maps.

On, enter the street address you want to search, then click on [Process]. On the results page, there are two different interactive maps available. Click on the links to [View Tower Results] then [View Antenna Results] in new tabs so you don’t have to run the search again. Under the links for each of the maps are links to download the detailed listings of each type of search results.

On, you can only see a map if you enter city and state, not zip code. Once you can see the map, click [OK] to close the error message, click in the upper right corner to expand the map to full-screen, and drag the map around and zoom in to find the street you want to search. This website shows only towers and not antennas, but it does have some towers the first website doesn’t have, and it also has complaints from users about bad service areas, which indicates neighborhoods that might have lower overall non-native EMF radiation.

Website of Your Local Planning Commission

Another map you should have access to for your city or county is on the website of the Planning Commission, or whatever agency approves cell tower applications in your jurisdiction. We will publish information on how to search the Los Angeles County website as soon as we document the best way to run searches. It is supposed to display all approved cell tower and antenna installations, as well as new applications for installation, and we are having a hard time getting accurate and up-to-date information out of their database.

People-Powered Cell Tower Mapping Project

Because the maps listed above are not properly maintained, we the people have taken it upon ourselves to organize a cell tower / antenna mapping and testing project as an act of self-defense. This is being organized across many Stop-5G Groups, and we will post more information and best practices as soon as we can.

The only way to really know what the non-native radiation levels are on any specific street in any specific neighborhood is to drive the streets, and then walk the streets, with radiation detection meters in hand. Some streets where these maps show no cell towers but a lot of antennas nearby may test relatively low for radiation if the antennas have low power and a shorter range. Other streets which look clear on the maps may have unregistered towers or antennas causing high radiation readings.

Note that there is no guarantee that antennas listed as lower power have not been upgraded since these maps were last updated. Many have already been upgraded to stronger 4G during 2019 in preparation for the 5G roll-out. The proposed 5G wireless infrastructure has to run on a 4G backbone.

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