We have assembled a group of thousands of people working in coalition with other initiatives in neighboring cities. 5G Free Topanga and Beyond, which currently includes the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, is working in coalition with the following groups: 

  • Stop 5G Thousand Oaks
  • Stop 5G Simi Valley
  • Stop 5G Chatsworth
  • 5G Free Santa Barbara
  • Stop 5G Ojai
  • Stop 5G Westlake
  • Stop 5G Camarillo
  • Stop 5G Ventura
  • Stop 5G Boyle Heights
  • Stop 5G Moorpark
  • Stop 5G Venice
  • …and many others.

There are other communities organizing throughout California who we are closely collaborating with. We are also part of the national network “5G Crisis” and are working with “WorldShift Stop 5G” international.

Dafna Tachover, internationally renowned attorney working on this issue is part of our group, as is Jerry Day, author . We are also represented by electrical engineers, building biologists, and health care providers.  Our strategies include legislative outreach, lawsuits, building a mass movement, and outreach and education..