Who We Are

5G Free California started as a small local group of electro-sensitive people in Topanga, California. We began organizing in 2018 because of health, environmental, and privacy concerns around the 5G roll-out. We started by speaking to neighbors, City Councils / Town Councils, and County and State legislators. Jerry Day and more local Building Biologists joined our group. Dafna Tachover joined our group in early 2019 and did several speaking tours up and down the state, sparking groups to launch in more California cities and towns. During 2019, we grew from a small local community to gradually begin networking with more local groups in many of the major cities up and down the state of California. By late 2019, we began networking with Scientists, Researchers, and Attorneys around the world, and coordinating with national and international groups to halt 5G. Our goal is to create effective strategies and templates that can be shared with communities all over California, and ideally, across the country and around the world. 

Contact: 5GFreeCalifornia at gmail dot com

Why We Do What We Do

An estimated 15% of the population was already electro-sensitive (ES) when tested in 2004, and many more people identify as ES today with the current proliferation of 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless infrastructure. People are already suffering illness and disease from existing technologies. 5G is hundreds of times stronger, and uses millimeter waves instead of microwaves.

Two recent studies, the first done by The National Institute of Health/National Toxicology Program, which was then replicated by Italy’s Ramazzini Institute, show clear evidence of statistically significant links to seven types of cancer from 3G, the technology tested in those two studies. There are tests on 5G technology, but most of them are classified, because those wavelengths are used by the military.

Over 10,000 scientific studies have been done showing links between microwave radiation and a wide range of health problems, including cancers. Many of these studies demonstrate environmental harm.

5G would transmit 500 times more effective radiated power than 4G, and would be layered on top of 4G wavelength transmissions, because 5G transmissions have a short range, so data would travel most of the way over a 4G infrastructure backbone, with 5G wireless transmissions to the user from the closest 5G small cell tower. This technology would require small cell towers every 200 to 500 feet (every 2 to 5 houses), and would require over 50,000 satellites blanketing the entire planet in radio-frequency microwave radiation, plus over one million ground stations to connect with the satellites. 5G would require a huge additive layering of wireless microwave and millimeter wave radiation from more and more transmitting and receiving infrastructure and devices required to build out the Internet of Things (IOT).

How We Started

A small group began organizing in 2018 as 5G Free Topanga in an effort to stop the 5G roll-out following the FCC 5G Small Cell Order of March, 2018. In mid-2019 we changed our name to 5G Free Topanga and Beyond to reflect our widening reach. In autumn of 2019, our quickly-growing group changed our name to 5G Free California in preparation for networking and collaborating with other local groups up and down the state, and registered for 501(c)3 non-profit organization status.