Urgent! Stop the Triple-Threat of 3 Terrible CA Broadband Bills

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These bills were drafted by ALEC and Submitted by Co-Opted CA State Legislators

ALEC = the American Legislative Exchange Council, the enemy of the people

One of the best ways for corporations to run rampant over municipalities (and human health) is to have “helpful” legi$lator$ pas$$ bill$ that over-ride community rights and local control. Like the smart meter roll-out, abuses of power are tested in pilot runs in state$ with cooperative public official$, (who receive “gift$$$$$” from the industry). The power abuses then extend like a California wildfire to other states.

CA SB.556, AB.537, and SB.378 Take away control of small cell siting from local municipalities, destroying neighborhoods

SB.556 & AB.537 = Co-opting street light poles, traffic signal poles, utility poles – an unnecessary “taking” of property for unjust, Big Wireless PROFITS

For more details and resources, see Wire California and Environmental Health Trust

The People of California Won a Veto of the Last ALEC-Written Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Bill in 2017: CA SB.649

SB-556 is a repeat of vetoed bill SB-649.

So, Why Are Our CA Legislators Wasting Everyone’s Time and the Taxpayer’s Money to Attempt This Same Unjustified Heist All Over Again? . . . Follow the $$$ Money $$$!

We don’t even need small cell wireless to bring broadband to our communities. We need Fiber-optic cable wired To and Through the Premises (FTTP) of homes, businesses, and government buildings.

Fiber is faster, more reliable, more secure, and more affordable than wireless broadband. And it can be owned and operated as a utility by local municipalities, so that profits fund neighborhoods rather than being extracted by large corporations.


Our best chance is to defeat the bills in committee, and each bill must go through three committees in both Senate and Assembly before a vote by the full Senate or Assembly.

To defeat the bills in committee, we need as many people as possible to call the members of the relevant committees DAILY between now and each bill’s hearing date.

If we don’t defeat these bills in the first committee, we intend to present the second committee with video testimony backed up by signed affidavits containing testimony transcripts. You will have the option to submit comments via video only, signed affidavit only, or both video and signed transcript. More on that soon.

We ask everyone residing in California to CALL every member of the CA Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications –> https://seuc.senate.ca.gov/

Members of the CA Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications:

Senator Ben Hueso (Chair)
Senator Brian Dahle (Vice Chair)
Senator Josh Becker
Senator Andreas Borgeas
Senator Steven Bradford
Senator Bill Dodd
Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman
Senator Lena A. Gonzalez
Senator Shannon Grove
Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
Senator Mike McGuire
Senator Dave Min
Senator Susan Rubio
Senator Henry I. Stern

See Full Text, History, and Status of Proposed Bills