Boyle Heights and East LA Presente / Hasta la Victoria!

Stop 5G Global Day of Action Press Conference, Forum and Festival

Yes To Our Children, Community and Planet!


WHEN: June 6, Saturday, 12 noon. 

WHERE: La Casa Del Mexicano, 2900 Calle Pedro Infante, Los Angeles 90033

CONTACTS: Brenda Martinez, Boyle Heights Residents and Farmers against 5G Radiation, 323-347-1142, b7trumar at
David Sanchez, Brown Beret National Party and Movement, 323-691-0543, bbnp at
Julie Levine, 5G Free California, 310-455-9389, 5GFreeCalifornia at

Note:  This is an International Day of Protest. Events and Actions will be taking place all over the world. Please wear masks, practice social distancing, and bring a chair for your comfort.

WHY: Our children’s future and our community garden —  or being irradiated for the profit of Telecom giants?  Our community is standing firm.  We refuse to accept a Verizon mega-tower in the middle of our community garden and by our pre-school.  Our garden is a community hub and we, our children, and our food will NOT be irradiated. Meanwhile, despite meetings with ELACC, La Casa Del Mexicano, and local elected officials, Verizon has started to break ground to build this 45-foot tower in the middle of our park.  We have decided that we will not give up or step down.  We are calling on our elected officials, press, family, community, and all those in solidarity with our efforts to preserve a healthy future for our children and planet.  

Please join us for a special day of action.  Hear from City Council Elect Kevin DeLeon (invited), Boyle Heights Residents and Farmers against 5G Radiation, the Brown Beret National Party/Movement, East LA Parents, 5G Free California, 5G Free Sunland-Tujunga, 5G Free Glendale, Vecinos Unidos (pending), Carlos Montez (CSO)/pending, and others, and be entertained with music and a very special performance by the children of Boyle Heights while helping us save our garden and take a stand against tyranny.  We have also invited ELACC and La Casa Del Mexicano to speak.

SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMERS:  Akintunde Reggae Band, Catherine McClenahan, a special performance by the children of Boyle Heights, and others to be announced.  

Please come and help us spread the word.  We extend a special invite to our friends in the media.

Ask The Lawyers Replay

Below is the video recording from our monthly meeting of May 7th, 2020. This was a global online event organized by 5G Free California.

The first half hour of the meeting is devoted to updates from our working teams and our sister groups, which is interesting because we are supporting several lawsuits in process and preparing for a couple more coming soon.

We had a great event because of your questions! Thank you to everyone who emailed us questions and typed them into the Q&A window. The “Ask the Lawyers” event begins at 30 minutes into the recording.

Again, we extend our gratitude to these excellent attorneys for participating in the panel discussion that made this event such a hit! 

  • Scott McCollough, winning Attorney on The Irregulators lawsuit against the FCC, and co-counsel, with Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dafna Tachover, on Children’s Health Defense vs the FCC
  • Andrew Campanelli, winning Attorney against big Telecom companies, stopping deployment of many cell towers
  • Mark Pollock, Attorney, Telecom plus
  • Ariel Strauss, Attorney, many Telecom cases

5G Free California May 7th, 2020 Monthly Meeting ~ Ask the Lawyers Panel Discussion

We’re hosting the video on BitChute because we can’t yet upload long videos to YouTube, so give it a moment to buffer before pressing play.

Agenda for This Meeting

  • Welcome / Introductions – 2 minutes
  • Local Updates – First Half-Hour
    • Legal, Fundraising, and City Planning Reports – 5 minutes
    • Local Updates: Boyle Heights, Simi Valley – 5 minutes
    • Sister Group Reports: Zen Honeycutt (Moms Across America) and Mandy Jacobs (United Issues Reform) – 3 minutes each
  • Dafna Tachover with an update on Children’s Health Defense vs FCC and the OTARD Rule Ex Parte Letter
  • Global Day of Action: Stop 5G International – 2 minutes
  • Featured Speaker Panel: Ask The Lawyers – 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

These are the first two lawsuits we are supporting:

Children’s Health Defense v. FCC—To compel the FCC to adopt biologically-based exposure guidelines, in addition to enforcing its present thermal standard in ways that will be protective of children and other vulnerable populations. Robert F Kennedy Jr is the Director of Children’s Health Defense and lead counsel on this lawsuit. See full press release here.

Satellite Lawsuit v. FCC—To mandate the FCC to follow existing international and federal procedures in developing, in collaboration with other concerned federal agencies, a comprehensive plan and rules governing its program to approve 50,000+ low orbit satellites and 1 million+ earth stations; and to do this in a way that will safeguard national security, comply with international law, protect the heavens from commercial exploitation and despoliation, and ensure the safety of local communities. Julian Gresser leads an international team of veteran attorneys. Read more about the Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative.

Thank you to everyone who bid and bought goods and services in our first ever online silent auction! Please contact the provider to collect your winnings. And thank you to everyone who donated a good or service for the auction.

Did You Know 5G Is Hazardous to Your Health
and the Health of Future Generations?

If you are completely new to the idea that 5G is not as great as it’s sold to be in mainstream media reports and advertisements, start here:

Actions You Can Take to Help Stop the 5G Roll-out

We have several time-sensitive letters and petitions that you can sign and/or send, and more actions on our Take Action page and on the Stop 5G International Suggested Actions page.

Here are the most urgent actions:

Click to Send Letters ~ Freeze 5G

Tell Your Municipality to Pass an Emergency Ordinance to Halt Deployment of 5G During Quarantine Deployment of Wireless During Quarantine Can be Stopped Legally – Here’s How: Since the beginning of the Quarantine,... READ MORE