5G is 500x more radiating than 4G, and requires small cell towers every 200 feet, and 20,000 satellites blanketing the entire planet in radiation. 5G is a final piece in a global surveillance puzzle sugar-coated as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

The 5G Mass Experiment: Big Promises, Unknown Risks

Over 10,000 scientific studies have been done showing links between microwave pulse radiation and a host of health problems, including cancers; many of these studies demonstrate environmental harm. None of these studies has tested 4G or 5G. People are already dying because of exposure to 2G and 3G.

Source: 5GCrisis.com

Two recent studies, the first done by The National Institute of Health/National Toxicology Program, which was then replicated by Italy’s Ramazzani Institute, show clear evidence of statistically significant links to seven types of cancer from 3G, the latest technology tested. 4G and 5G have never been tested.

Why 5G Isn’t an Upgrade

An estimated 15% of the population was already electro-sensitive (ES) when tested in 2004, and many more people identify as ES today with the current proliferation of 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless infrastructure. People are already suffering illness and disease from existing technologies. 5G is hundreds of times stronger, and uses millimeter waves instead of microwaves.

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks

5G Free Topanga and Beyond began organizing 10 months ago in an effort to stop the 5G roll-out following the FCC 5G Small Cell Order, based on health, environmental, and privacy concerns. This FCC 5G Small Cell Order has begun to be enforced here in California and in the rest of the United States. But an “order” of the FCC is an administrative action that cannot supercede law.

5G Free California responds to VICE article

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