For many years we have been working to stop the roll-out of 5G towers across Los Angeles County, California, and beyond.  On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, there is a crucial vote coming up by the LA County Board of Supervisors

We really need your involvement NOW to voice your opposition.

To Support a Fiber vs. Wireless Infrastructure for LA County we ask you to do one or more of the following:

1. VERY IMPORTANT! Call in to the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 9:30am

HERE IS THE LINK FOR MEETING CALL-IN INFO AND AGENDA (call the number below to get in the queue):

For Public Hearing Agenda items Nos. 2 through 7
(Hearing on Changes to Titles 16 and 22 is Item #7)
Call (877) 692-8955
Participant code: 4433663
Press 1 then 0 to address the Board 

This part of the meeting is scheduled to begin at 10am. But it is best to call in by 9:30am to be placed in the queue to address the BOS with your comments on their proposed Amendments to Titles 16 & 22 of the LA County Ordinance. It could take an hour or more for your turn in the queue to speak to the Board.

Please include “I support Fiber First LA’s Model Legislation for Titles 16 & 22 as submitted to the Board of Supervisors,” along with whatever other comments you wish to make.

(* See below for suggestions.) 

If you have submitted written testimony, please also say, “I have submitted written testimony, and ask you to include it in the public record.”

2. Submit Written Comments to the BOS by Noon on Monday, November 14

If you haven’t already sent your written comments to the LA County Board of Supervisors regarding proposed Amendments to Titles 16 & 22 of the LA County Code, they must be submitted through this portal BEFORE 12 NOON TODAY (Monday).


  1. Complete information at the top of the comment page. NOTE: The only required fields are First and Last names
  2. For “Agenda Item,” put in: Hearing on Wireless Facilities Ordinance
  3. Choose Agenda Item #7 
  4. Select “Oppose” 
  5. For “Comments” you can say: “Opposed as written. Please see Model Legislation of Titles 16 & 22 submitted by Fiber First LA.”  You can also attach a document with additional information you want to submit. *
  6. Select “Next”
  7. Verify the information is correct and select “Acknowledge” when you are ready to submit.
* Here are some additional talking points for your attached comments or oral testimony:
  • I do not want a cell tower put up right outside my home, or in my community, or on my street without Notice or Hearings or opportunities to Appeal, without any safety provisions, and without regulation, oversight, or monitoring by local, state, or federal agencies. I urge the Board of Supervisors to adopt the Model Legislation to Titles 16 & 22 submitted by Fiber First L.A. and to prioritize future-proof fiber to the home for the reasons outlined by our federal government agency, the NTIA.
  • I do not want powerful wireless antennas outside my bedroom window, emitting radiation all day and all night. Wireless technology is not safe for us or our natural world, as shown in thousands of peer reviewed studies.  
  • In the last 15 years there have been 4 major wildfires initiated, in whole or in part, by telecommunications equipment.  CPUC has faulted telecom companies for their role in these fires. With the Board of Supervisors having this information, how can they justify giving the telecom companies free reign to build out these wireless cell sites without any county (government) oversight?
  • I want the Supervisors to invest our time and resources in superior Fiber Optic Broadband Infrastructure that will last 15 to 20 years. I do not want the Supervisors to pursue a build-out of inferior Wireless Broadband that has a short 5-year life span. Plus, we have already paid the telecom companies for the installation of fiber-optics.

For more talking points and sample emails, go to

3. Send an Email by 8am on Tuesday November 15

If you missed the Noon Monday deadline to submit comments through the portal linked in #2 above, you can still send an email to your Supervisor before the Tuesday morning BOS Meeting.

Your message can be as simple as:
“I do not want a cell tower put up right outside my home, or in my community, or on my street without being told, or without opportunities to appeal, or without any safety provisions, and without regulation, oversight, or monitoring by local, state, or federal agencies. I am writing to urge you to adopt the redlined versions of Title 16 and Title 22 that were submitted by Fiber First L.A.”
(Find your Supervisor email address below)
Please bcc emails to:

4. Sign the Petition 

It will only take a few seconds!
We already have over 750 signatures, with a goal of 1,000.
Please sign and distribute widely!

5. Please Donate if you are able

For legal fees – 501(c)4 – NOT tax-deductible:
For education and advocacy – 501(c)3 – Yes, tax-deductible:

Contact your Supervisors:

District 1: Hilda Solis, 213-974-4111,
District 2: Holly J. Mitchell, 213-974-2222, E-mail:
District 3: Sheila Kuehl (includes Topanga), 213-974-3333, E-mail:
District 4: Janice Hahn, 213-974-4444, E-mail:
District 5: Kathryn Barger, 213-974-5555, E-mail:


The LA County Department of Regional Planning has proposed amendments to Ordinance Title 16 and Title 22 of the County Code, which would streamline wireless installations throughout LA County, benefiting the multi-billion dollar telecom industry, and removing protections for LA County citizens and communities. Fiber First LA has submitted to the Board of Supervisors Redlined Model Draft Legislation for Titles 16 and 22 of the LA County Ordinance. This Redlined submission is written to make Titles 16 and 22 more protective for LA County.

For more information, please go to Fiber First LA

Please also watch this brief video below to learn more about why fiber is superior to fixed wireless and how fiber to the end user will finally end the digital divide! For more details on why Fiber-optic broadband is better than wireless broadband, see this page: Wired Networks: Safer, Faster Technology

Current LA County practices do not protect people.
Model legislation has been drafted to address this.

Our mission is to educate the public on the current wireless roll-out in LA County and beyond, and how we can support more protective practices that are faster, safer, and more efficient.  For additional information email or subscribe to our mailing list.

Legal Arguments in Support of More Protective Wireless Legislation

Click here to download the full 6-page pdf of Julian Gresser’s complete statement at the March 9, 2022 meeting of the Topanga Town Council, or scroll through it in the box below.

Download the PDF file .

Click here to download a newer pdf file by Julian Gresser. Scroll down within the box to view all three pages.

Download the PDF file .

Here is a link to the complaint recently filed by Harry Lehmann:  Angela Sherick-Bright, Petitioner v. The County of Los Angeles, Respondent.

Background on Draft Wireless Ordinances, Title 22 and Title 16

The Draft Wireless Ordinances will dramatically accelerate the densification of small cell facilities in the County.  There will be no advance public notification and no public hearings. The long-established, open and public process for issuing Conditional Use Permits for such facilities will be replaced with a non-public “ministerial” process where the County rubber-stamps approvals, stripping away your Constitutional property rights, and exposing a large segment of Los Angeles County to Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic Radiation (RF/EMF), and in so doing, violating numerous federal, state, and local laws.

On March 23, LA Department of Regional Planning passed horrible draft ordinances for small cell facilities, including industry-friendly and permissive regulations for cell towers on private property and highways. We are demanding the ordinance be amended before approval because:

  • There are no requirements regarding distance between cell towers,
  • no setbacks from homes,
  • no advance public notice,
  • no public hearings,
  • no environmental or coastal commission reviews,
  • no protections for historical landmarks,
  • no emissions testing to see if towers exceed the FCC limits,
  • and no safety reviews to mitigate fire hazards.

A vote on April 5 by LA County Board of Supervisors resulted in a “negative declaration” that small cell applications don’t need to go through NEPA or CEQA or fire safety or any other reviews, and found the draft wireless ordinances consistent with LA County’s general plan. That was one step towards approving the ordinances as written, so we have until June to get them amended prior to final approval.

Eliminating environmental protections regarding cell towers in LA County is not a safe choice and is a fire risk.  

The County Regional Planning actions will dramatically accelerate small cell densification and will strip away constitutional property rights in favor of industry:

  • Removal of open and public process for issuing Conditional Use Permits for such facilities will be replaced with a non-public “ministerial” process where the County rubber-stamps approvals.
  • These actions will expose a large segment of Los Angeles County to Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic Radiation (RF/EMF).

Preliminary draft ordinances for Title 16 (Highways) for small cell facilities in the public right of way and Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) for all other wireless facilities are now available by clicking here:

To review additional documents, please use the link provided on the County Wireless Ordinances webpage

This draft ordinance will violate numerous federal, state, and local laws. The LA County Ordinance will go up in front of Board of Supervisors in early June for a rubber-stamped vote. We can’t have this happen. This ordinance is not equitable – it will boost corporate profits by reducing costs for telecom corporations: violating California and federal protections, decreasing property values, and transferring fire and other liability risk to taxpayers. Please say no to “Title 22” and say “yes to science” and protect Los Angeles County residents from being blanketed by wireless RFR, fire risk and allow cities to implement superior municipal fiber broadband to eliminate the digital divide.

Here is a highlight excerpt of comments by Julian Gresser Esq at the March 9, 2022 meeting of the Topanga Town Council. Click here for a 6-page pdf of Mr. Gresser’s complete statement, or scroll down to the talking points.

In a nutshell, the Ordinance will effectively codify the present illegal practice of bypassing over 30 years of a well-established and balanced Conditional Use Permit Registration system with an accelerated Ministerial Site Review of small cell and macro cell antennas installed on private property. This de facto practice is currently being challenged in the Los Angeles Superior Court in the case of Angela Sherick-Bright v. County of Los AngelesThe ostensible justification for this precipitous rush to Ordinance is the FCC’s shot clock deadlines that aim to accelerate densification of small cell and macro towers antennas emitting Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Field (RF/EMF) radiation in high and dangerous concentrations within residential communities. The clear intention of the proposed Ministerial Site Review Application process, which will effectively replace Conditional Use Permits on new facilities, is to eliminate due process protections for the Los Angeles County community — namely, timely prior notification and an opportunity to be heard in public hearings, which are guaranteed by the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 7 of the California Constitution.

Julian Gresser Esq, Counsel to 5G Free California

The RPC Public Hearing Draft Ordinance has been released for public review, and can be found on the project website.

Here is a pdf slide presentation on the proposed changes to the ordinances.
Scroll down within the box below to view all seven slides.

Download the PDF file .

What You Can Do Beyond the Actions Above

  1. Review information on the draft ordinances at
  2. Please also Join the Wireless Communication Facility Ordinance mailing list.
  3. Send in reports to Julie Levine of damages suffered by you and others from RF/EMF radiation, including RF/EMF emissions levels reports documented by certified meters; confirm injuries by reports from licensed physicians and medical professionals with expertise in RF/EMF radiation hazards.
  4. Alert vulnerable communities, including schools, hospitals, retirement communities, and fire departments.
  5. Listen to the BBILAN webinar on “Citizens Rights and Remedies Under the Shadow of 5G Surveillance and Behavioral Modification” then:
  6. Exercise your rights to opt out, and other privacy rights, protected under the California Consumer Privacy Act. Contact: Julie Levine

Please email all communications to: Julie Levine at

Previous Meetings

As of October 2022, we will be holding Quarterly Meetings in hybrid form, both live and via zoom.

October 17, 2022 Quarterly Meeting

Featured Topics & Featured Speakers were:

Doug Wood from the Fiber First Team and Executive Director of Americans for Responsible Technology, presented important information on drafted “redline” model legislation versions of Title 16 and Title 22 of the LA County Code, and updates on actions being taken in LA County for the benefit of all of California and the entire United States.

Susan Foster is a Medical Writer, Fire & Utility Consultant, Honorary Firefighter (San Diego Fire Department) and works with attorney Scott McCullough on legal solutions to wireless challenges. She presented information regarding the ongoing fire risks associated with telecom equipment and four major wildfires in Southern California from 2007 to 2021 costing billions in damages.

Below is the video of the zoom portion of our October 17 meeting, also available on our Bitchute channel.

Timestamps in the above video:

0:03 – Julie Levine
4:35 – Charlene Hopey
10:58 – Kathleen Gildred
23:55 – Doug Wood followed by Q&A
43:44 – Susan Foster followed by Q&A
1:23:51 – Brenda Martinez

June 13, 2022 Fundraising Event

Thank you to our speakers and volunteers and all of you who attended our 5G Free California Fundraising Gala at the Inn of the Seventh Ray Restaurant in Topanga, CA. We had around 70 people in person and another 50 on Zoom.  We raised over $6,000, while having a fun party!  Sincere thanks to Lucy Yaney for the space and desserts, and to all of you who donated and contributed to the auction.

Larry Gust, Leading Building Biologist

Lawrence Gust, BBEI, EMRS, EE, is a Building Biologist and Electrical Engineer, and a faculty member of the Building Biology Institute, and has served as board president of the Building Biology Institute since 1994.

Larry Gust was our featured speaker again at our February 2022 meeting. Here is a link to download a video on electric cars, “The Experiment” from Dropbox.

Here is Larry’s slide presentation from the previous time he was our featured speaker in late 2021. This was a very educational presentation on EMF Radiation types, hazards, protection, meters, and much much more.

Download the PDF file .

Good News! SB-556 Vetoed

Governor Newsom vetoed the worst of the Terrible Telecom Takeover bills, SB-556.

Click to our Legislative Strategy page to read about why this is so important.

Good News! Historic Ruling in CHD vs FCC Lawsuit

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in the historic case CHD et al. v. the FCC that the December 2019 decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to retain its 1996 safety limits for human exposure to wireless radiation was “arbitrary and capricious.”  

The court held that the FCC failed to respond to “record evidence that exposure to RF radiation at levels below the Commission’s current limits may cause negative health effects unrelated to cancer.” Further, the agency demonstrated “a complete failure to respond to comments concerning environmental harm caused by RF radiation.” The court found the FCC ignored numerous organizations, scientists, and medical doctors who called on them to update limits, and the court found the FCC failed to address these issues:

  • impacts of long term wireless exposure
  • impacts to children, 
  • the testimony of people injured by wireless radiation, 
  • impacts to wildlife and the environment 
  • impacts to the developing brain and reproduction.

Press Conference Announcing Historic Win in CHD et al vs FCC

Scroll down on this page to view the video of the Press Conference on CHD.TV celebrating the win against the FCC.

Click to our Legal Strategy page for more background on the case and more videos about the win.

Bad News: The FCC Won the OTARD Case

On Friday, February 11, 2022, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled against Children’s Health Defense in the OTARD case

The case challenges the FCC’s “Over the Air Reception Devices” (OTARD) rule amendment that allows the installation of base station antennas on homes without application, permit, or notice, and while preempting all state and local regulations.

Click here for analysis and comment by Dafna Tachover, one of the attorneys on the case.

Video/Photos ~ 5G SpaceX Satellite Protest ~
March 19, 2021 ~ SpaceX Headquarters

This protest took place on/at:
March 19, 2021 • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
SpaceX Headquarters, 1 Rocket Road, Hawthorne, CA

We and millions more people around the world demand an immediate halt to 5G satellites & technology on earth & in space until proven safe… as we call for safer and wiser technology options.

Satellites, rockets, and 5G on earth and in sky.
What is the cost to health and the environment?

Up to 100,000 low earth orbit satellites, complementary earth base stations & millions more cell antennas (aka User Terminals) have been approved by the FCC. SpaceX and other companies are now deploying satellites to provide 5G wireless internet to every corner of the globe, blanketing the entire planet in wireless radiation with potentially devastating consequences to all of life.
Satellites have not been tested for safety. Dangers include:
  • depletion of the ozone layer
  • cyberattacks costing $Trillions
  • pollution from rocket launches (exhaust gases, black carbon, alumina, toxic chemicals)
  • space debris & collisions – Kessler Effect
  • vast increase in energy consumption
  • climate impacts from manufacturing & disposal of all connected “things” & infrastructure
  • interference with the global electrical circuit
  • potential disruption to satellites & connected IoT networks from solar flares
  • effects on navigation & survival of wildlife


“The Heavens, our planet’s last precious frontier, are not a commodity to be bought and sold and degraded for private commercial gain.”

Please see this interview with Julian Gresser, 5G International Legal Action Network.  Julian is an International environmental public interest lawyer, twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at Harvard Law School and Visiting Professor at MIT, and an expert on industrial policy and collaborative innovation.  Here’s a link to the Declaration, a short video interview of Julian, and a portal to sign the Declaration,

Check out the Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration and the 5G Space Appeal and consider signing and joining our cause! For more information, email dgoldberg36 at gmail dot com.

PLEASE send this post and the flyer linked below to all of your contacts in this movement – including celebrities you know in the Los Angeles area that have expressed their support for the Stop-5G movement and/or other environmental issues. Feel free to post and distribute the flyer far and wide! 

Download SpaceX Satellite Protest Flyer

Organizers of this event do not endorse any forms of vandalism in advocating for safer technology and environmental stewardship.

Recordings of Previous Events

Archive Recording of our October 2020 Meeting

Our featured speakers for October 2020 were:

Andrew J. Campanelli began his legal career as a litigator in 1992.  Since then he has handled over 3,000 civil cases, and he has litigated over 1,000 cases to conclusion.  His law practice specialties include representation of local governments seeking to regulate the installations of wireless facilities, defending local governments in actions commenced under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and representation of civic associations and homeowners seeking to oppose the irresponsible placement of cell towers or wireless facilities.

Susan Clarke has a 10-year, post-masters background at the Harvard School of Public Health, with legal training on the side, and 30 years’ experience in RF/microwave radiation bioeffects health advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.  She has averted many antenna and tower construction projects and has authored legislation toward the banning of geoengineering for all 50 states and the federal government.   

Paul G of Scientists for Wired Technology (S4WT) assists advocacy efforts that seek to make effective, lasting changes to federal, state and local laws, regulations and practices that will protect people and other living organisms from the hazards of RF/MW — advocacy rooted in scientists’ research of the hazards of RF Microwave Radiation.  S4WT has helped to defeat state Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) deployment bills, improve local telecom ordinances and stop cell tower installations in CA, OR, ID, IL, TN, NY and other states. 

Click here for the archived recording of our October 2020 meeting.

Archive Recording of our September 2020 Meeting

Scott Compton on Measuring and Protecting / Shielding Against EMR/EMF

Our September 3 meeting featured Scott Compton. Scott is an Electromagnetic Specialist, Health Coach, former biologist at Stanford University, writer of multiple books and blogs, and a creator of EMF Warriors.  His company, Lifestyle Hygiene, is a great resource for investigating 5G sources, wireless, and other EMFs in homes and offices. He has specialized knowledge of frequencies, circadian biology, epigenetics, quantum mechanics, ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, cold thermogenesis, and the latest mitochondrial-related scientific literature. Scott lowers the EMFs in homes and offices with a wide range of EMF meters and tools to diagnose environments. He also consults directly with doctors and scientists on the latest research findings. He measures Dirty Electricity (DE), RF/Microwave Frequencies, Electric and Magnetic fields (including sweeping fields across landscapes), and stray voltage.  Scott is also an internet podcaster and an Influencer in scientific circles.

Click here for the archived recording of our September 3, 2020 meeting.

Archive Recording of our August 2020 Meeting

Featuring Dafna Tachover Speaking on
Clearing Up the Confusion About 5G

If you are not clear about what 5G is and isn’t, what technologies and frequencies are being used and by whom, and what the difference is between 5G, 4G, and other technologies, consider listening to this recording. Dafna answered many questions.

Dafna Tachover is one of the attorneys working on Childrens Health Defense v. the FCC, along with Robert F Kennedy Jr and Scott McCollough.  Dafna also has a background in military communications and is well-versed on the technologies of wireless telecommunications and the associated radio-frequency microwave radiation.

Click here for the archived recording of our August 6, 2020 meeting.

Archive Recording of our July 2020 Meeting

Learning from the Successes of Others ~ Recent Local Wins against Telecom

Recorded Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Our July 2020 meeting was entirely devoted to presentations and Q&A about winning the battle to halt 5G and other wireless infrastructure roll-outs.  Our panel of presenters included:

  • Paska Ann of Easton, Connecticut, who was successful in getting her town to pass a moratorium to stop the 5G roll-out until health and safety studies have been completed.
  • Kelly Marcotulli of Ashland, Oregon, who formed Oregon for Safer Technology and recently defeated a planned AT&T 105-foot mono-pine cell tower in the center of town and in close proximity to a pre-school, an elementary school, a middle school, university dorms, and many residences.
  • Debra Greene, PhD of Keep Your Power, from Maui, Hawaii, who has beat back two towers and has powerful action strategies to share.
  • Paul G of Scientists for Wired Tech, who has successfully supported stopping cell tower installations and upgrades in several San Francisco Bay area communities as well as Hawaii.

Click here to view the edited video of the meeting. We apologize for the interruptions to the live meeting. It won’t happen again.

Ask The Lawyers ~ Video Archive

Below is the video recording from our monthly meeting of May 7th, 2020. This was a global online event organized by 5G Free California.

The first half hour of the meeting is devoted to updates from our working teams and our sister groups, which is interesting because we are supporting several lawsuits in process and preparing for a couple more coming soon.

We had a great event because of your questions! Thank you to everyone who emailed us questions and typed them into the Q&A window. The “Ask the Lawyers” event begins at 30 minutes into the recording.

Again, we extend our gratitude to these excellent attorneys for participating in the panel discussion that made this event such a hit! 

  • Scott McCollough, winning Attorney on The Irregulators lawsuit against the FCC, and co-counsel, with Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dafna Tachover, on Children’s Health Defense vs the FCC
  • Andrew Campanelli, winning Attorney against big Telecom companies, stopping deployment of many cell towers
  • Mark Pollock, Attorney, Telecom plus
  • Ariel Strauss, Attorney, many Telecom cases

5G Free California May 7th, 2020 Monthly Meeting ~ Ask the Lawyers Panel Discussion

We’re hosting the video on BitChute because we can’t yet upload long videos to YouTube, so give it a moment to buffer before pressing play.

Agenda for This Meeting

  • Welcome / Introductions – 2 minutes
  • Local Updates – First Half-Hour
    • Legal, Fundraising, and City Planning Reports – 5 minutes
    • Local Updates: Boyle Heights, Simi Valley – 5 minutes
    • Sister Group Reports: Zen Honeycutt (Moms Across America) and Mandy Jacobs (United Issues Reform) – 3 minutes each
  • Dafna Tachover with an update on Children’s Health Defense vs FCC and the OTARD Rule Ex Parte Letter
  • Global Day of Action: Stop 5G International – 2 minutes
  • Featured Speaker Panel: Ask The Lawyers – 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

These are the first two lawsuits we are supporting:

Children’s Health Defense v. FCC—To compel the FCC to adopt biologically-based exposure guidelines, in addition to enforcing its present thermal standard in ways that will be protective of children and other vulnerable populations. Robert F Kennedy Jr is the Director of Children’s Health Defense and lead counsel on this lawsuit. See full press release here.

Satellite Lawsuit v. FCC—To mandate the FCC to follow existing international and federal procedures in developing, in collaboration with other concerned federal agencies, a comprehensive plan and rules governing its program to approve 50,000+ low orbit satellites and 1 million+ earth stations; and to do this in a way that will safeguard national security, comply with international law, protect the heavens from commercial exploitation and despoliation, and ensure the safety of local communities. Julian Gresser leads an international team of veteran attorneys. Read more about the Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative.

Thank you to everyone who bid and bought goods and services in our first ever online silent auction! Please contact the provider to collect your winnings. And thank you to everyone who donated a good or service for the auction.

Did You Know 5G Is Hazardous to Your Health
and the Health of Future Generations?

If you are completely new to the idea that 5G is not as great as it’s sold to be in mainstream media reports and advertisements, start here:

Actions You Can Take to Help Stop the 5G Roll-out

We have several time-sensitive letters and petitions that you can sign and/or send, and more actions on our Take Action page and on the Stop 5G International Suggested Actions page.

Here are the most urgent actions: