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Source: Children’s Health Defense ~ April 17, 2020

The signatures were already delivered to the FCC. You may still be able to sign the letter on the CHD website to add your voice to the count, which was over 50,000 after only one week.

Sign to Join CHD’s Submission to Stop FCC Rule Allowing 5G & Satellite Antennas on Homes

What is OTARD and Why We Must Take Action

The FCC is about to expand its ‘Over The Air Reception Devices’ (OTARD) rule (WT 19-71), to allow wireless companies to install 5G and other cell towers and transmitting devices (not only receiving devices as the name suggests) on homes. The wireless companies will be allowed to enter into a contract with your neighbor to install a cell tower on their home, without the need for a permit, without asking for neighbors’ input or permission and without any considerations to a neighbor’s disability, property values or other needs.

The OTARD rule expansion will allow a “Wireless Wild West” for 5G infrastructure and antenna deployment which will include the 1,000,000 antennas to provide the ground infrastructure for the satellites. The expansion of the OTARD rule will violate the Constitution and upend long-standing common law personal and property rights. The FCC  does not have the authority to override people’s rights to bodily autonomy and their property-based rights to “exclude” the wireless radiation emitted by third parties from their home.

CHD’s Action – Ex-Parte Submission to the FCC

To stop the FCC’s OTARD rule change and make it clear that We Do Not Consent to this rule and do not consent to be radiated in our homes, on April 16, 2020, the Children’s Health Defense submitted an “Ex-Parte” objection to the FCC. The Ex-Parte submission attacks the legality of the OTARD rule change and explains the legal ramifications should the FCC adopt the rule. It is time to put a stop to the FCC’s taking of our basic civil and human rights.

Click HERE to read CHD’s Ex-Parte Submission to the FCC.

Take Action – Join CHD’s Action By  Simply Signing Your Name

We want to maximize both the impact of CHD’s Ex-Parte submission and the chance that the FCC will decide not to move forward with the OTARD rule change without further legal action on our part. Therefore, we need YOU and others to join this submission and tell the FCC “I Do Not Consent”. For too long we have allowed the FCC and the Telecom companies to take our rights and harm us. No more. We want the FCC to realize that its actions and abuse of power will meet strong and effective resistance and that we are going to be proactive in protecting and enforcing our civil and human rights. By signing the declaration below, you will be preserving your right to sue the FCC for its action or to join a legal action by CHD.

To Join CHD’s Ex-Parte Submission to the FCC, please sign the below “I Do Not Consent Declaration” after you read our Ex-Parte submission.

Help Us Stop The FCC’s OTARD Rule And The Wireless Wild West!

Sign HERE if You Object to Exposure on General Grounds 

I am objecting to OTARD on General Grounds. Radiation and/or exposure to this radiation is aggravating my and/or my child’s medical condition. My and/or my child’s sickness is impairing my and/or my child’s ability to function and I and/or my child are therefore entitled to accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or under the Fair Housing Act. Anyone who irradiates my home and my body and/or my child’s body against our will is violating my and/or my child’s rights under the Constitution, the ADA and the FHA.

I do not consent to exposure, and affirmatively object to exposure. I try to avoid being exposed but that is increasingly difficult in public spaces. My home is my and/or my child’s last refuge. I do not consent to radiation crossing my property boundary and entering my home. I am asserting my and/or my child’s Constitutional right to privacy/bodily autonomy and my property-based right to exclude others. I consider RF emissions to be a noxious nuisance. I will consider non-consensual exposure in my home to be a battery. I assert all my rights under law, and demand that the Commission not amend its rules to allow people to place antennas on their property and extend emissions onto my property and into my body. If the Commission does so I reserve my right to take legal action against the service provider, the Commission and each individual Commissioner.

Click here to go to Children’s Health Defense and scroll down to the signature form.

Thank you for your support!

The previous “click to action” letter has already been sent to elected officials over 50,000 times! If we can get that many signatures on CHD’s Ex Parte Letter to the FCC within a few days, we will make a very strong showing. Please share widely!

And please donate to Children’s Health Defense to support the lawsuit challenging the FCC’s fraudulent “safety” guidelines. To earmark your donation on their website, make sure to change “Funding Option” to “Stop 5G”.

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