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Global Protest to Stop 5G

March 20

Next Global Protest Day March 20, 2021 ~ Equinox

Throughout millennia, the sky has been our clock and calendar, and the rhythms reflected in nature have served as the foundation for all human endeavor.  From the 24-hour darkness-light cycle, to lunar months and the flow of seasons, ancient cultures spanning the globe were synchronized by Natural Law.

Technological innovations offer many benefits, but when used without balance and wisdom our human-generated techno- “eco system” interferes with and seeks to supplant Nature’s true eco-system.

Accumulated knowledge and time-honored wisdom of great civilizations − once codified into patterns for planting and harvesting as well as for sustaining health − have been obliterated by our drive for yet “faster” and “more” connectivity.

In its current form, the 5G/data-harvesting/AI wireless paradigm is intensifying an attitude of destructive entitlement that now extends beyond the confines of the planet itself into the skies. Similar to industries such as tobacco and asbestos that ignored early warnings and denied evidence of harm, tech companies are controlling “the commons,” the science, the economics, the narrative, and our future.

Check back here for Global Day of Protest events in your area. If you don’t find one, start one! Send your flyers to Stop 5G International, and they will add your event to their website. Send your flyers for events in California to 5GFreeCalifornia at gmail dot com and we will add your event to our website.

Stop 5G International Global Day of Protest


March 20


Julie Levine

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