Audio Recording and Notes from 4/2/2020 Legal Strategies Webinar

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April 7, 2020

Thank you for your participation and/or interest in participating in 5G Free California’s On-Line Zoom Meeting on 4/2/20 where we discussed legal strategies and action plans in place to stop the accelerated pace of the 5G rollout during the Corona Pandemic as well as investigating ways we can support these efforts.

We apologize for those of you who were unable to get on the call due to glitches with Zoom, and would like to reassure you that those issues have been resolved for future meetings.

In the interest of ensuring that the critical information provided on that call is shared as broadly as possible, we are making the call recording and additional resources available to those who participated or registered, as well as those on the mailing list for 5G Free California, 5G Free Santa Barbara, Moms Across America, and International groups that sent out the meeting notice. Feel free to share this information with others who might be interested.



We welcome your participation in future meetings and actions and encourage those of you who are interested to sign up for our list at We can also be found on Facebook: 5G Free California and 5G Free Topanga and Beyond and on Instagram:  5GFreeCA

Finally, all of the lawsuits described during the call need financial support, and we hope you will choose to donate so we can have the best chance of winning. Combined, these lawsuits, if successful, will go a long way toward stopping the 5G roll-out, and creating more responsible standards for exposure to RFR/EMFs. 

Following are links to lawsuits with donation information:

For further descriptions

We have also included resources from the call below:


From Dafna Tachover

From Paul McGavin

Thanks again. Together we will prevail in creating a healthy planet for all living beings, and we appreciate each of you for your caring and activism during these challenging times.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

Julie Levine and Marin Lutz
5G Free California

Julian Gresser
5G Free Santa Barbara

Ben Levi and the rest of the 5G Free Team