Julian Gresser Speaking on Legal Strategy at December 5 Meeting

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We’re very excited to welcome Dr Julian Gresser as the featured speaker at our December 5, 2019 meeting! We will begin the meeting with updates from all our teams, then Dr Gresser will have an hour for his presentation, followed by time for Q&A, and we will end with a special surprise at our last meeting of the year.

Julian Gresser will lead the evening’s discussion first to assess our present 5G Free strategy; second to explain the Santa Barbara Protocol; and third to formulate and begin to implement a winning action strategy to effect a redirect of the 5G / Artificial Intelligence / Internet of Things juggernaut in a way that is safe, environmentally protective, secure, financially sound, and compassionate.

The focus of Julian Gresser’s presentation will be on the specifics of a Legal Action Plan (“The Santa Barbara Protocol”) to help local communities effectively meet the 5G challenge. He will address the following:

  • Especially vulnerable populations—children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, caregivers, pilots, etc.
  • Especially vulnerable locations—schools, playgrounds, hospitals, retirement communities, workplaces.
  • Why local communities’ “hands are not legally tied”—the Preemption Doctrine reconsidered in light of international human rights law, Constitutional law, criminal and civil law, and an October 2019 DC Circuit case.
  • The Principle of Heightened Vigilance and the burden of proof
  • The important role of building biologists
  • The new “strategic” medical paradigm: protective letters from physicians
  • The tactical benefits of building strategic alliances with local physicians and the medical community.
  • Letters of Objection from counsel against irradiation
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Consumer Data Privacy
  • Public Trust Doctrine
  • Workers rights to a safe environment and the role of unions
  • Forensic Audits—How local communities can recoup $Millions in rate overcharges and misdirection of taxpayer monies
  • Negotiating alliances with mayors and community councils
  • Attorney General investigations
  • Judicial Remedies—injunctive relief, qui tam, personal injury actions, workers compensation
  • Legislative Remedies—National Resilient Industrial Infrastructure and Innovation Act (alternative title, “Child Endangerment Prevention Act”) of 2020
  • Political Remedies—A trans-partisan strategy

Dr. Gresser has developed some excellent training programs for activists (Safety Advocates) resisting the 5G roll-out. The techniques are anchored in the heart and combined with solid legal strategies.

From that page, here is an introductory webinar covering some of the foundational concepts of the Resilient Negotiator training. From the video description: This webinar briefing is intended for 5G Safety Advocates who are deeply concerned about the accelerated and enforced introduction of 5G in their communities; who want to pause, learn more, and take appropriate and effective action.

From the description of the Resilient Negotiator training:

Immediate Leverage: Challenging 10 Fundamental Disempowering 5G Assumptions

The Shadow Game is played by attacking the Mind with untested and unproven Assumptions.  We immediately empower ourselves by challenging these assumptions and demanding proof.  Shifting the burden of proof is a critical goal in the Global 5G Negotiation.
  • 5G is safe and benign because the governments and industry says it is.
  • 5G would never be deployed for crowd control—civilian control—even though that was part of its original purpose. It is impossible to manipulate large numbers of people remotely from satellites.
  • 5G cannot and would not be used to eradicate enemies, even though that was its original purpose on the battlefield.
  • There is no scientific proof that 60 GHz 5G is dangerous. The public should bear the burden of proving injuries from 5G because 5G is fundamentally safe and its importance should override vague concerns over public health.
  • 5G would never be used for surveillance of citizens or opponents since this is illegal.
  • Industry and governments should own and control all your personal data generated through 5G surveillance.
  • The public and local communities cannot have regulatory control over 5G since its development and deployment is of industrial importance and this strategic industry is none of their business.
  • The environmental impacts of 5G are no different than 1-4 G.
  • There is no need to provide for compensation for victims of 5G because the technology as developed and deployed is safe and benign. After all, how can anything that is invisible be dangerous?
  • Industry and governments have deep wisdom, along with the “free market,” about the highest and noblest uses of 5G technology.

Julian Gresser is an international attorney, professional negotiator, inventor, and explorer. He was twice Mitsubishi Visiting Professor at the Harvard Law School (1976-77; 1980) and a visiting professor at MIT (1982-84) and has consulted with hundreds of companies and governments on complex international legal, business, and negotiation issues. As Chairman of the Japan Industrial Policy Group in the U.S. State Department he helped to develop a successful collaborative industrial policy for the U.S. semiconductor industry that is directly relevant to the present misguided FCC-driven industrial policy for 5G. As an environmental law specialist and advocate he stopped the Palau Superport, and his course at Harvard Law School led to the creation of the U.S. Superfund for the compensation of victims of pollution. Based on his diverse background and professional experience during the last 50 years he is currently implementing a practical strategy and Legal Action Plan to redirect the 5G/AI/IoT Juggernaut to save lives, protect the environment, secure privacy, recoup $Billions of misdirected funds, and trigger innovations for a more compassionate, internationally collaborative industrial infrastructure. He is the author of eight books, a longtime practitioner of Qigong, and Founder/CEO of Big Heart Technologies, Alliances for Discovery, and Integral Resilience.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Julian speaking on The Intelligence of the Heart, published in July, 2018:

You can see the full interview here.

This will be a fun and informative event, and a great opportunity to bring friends to hear what is happening in the movement to keep Topanga and California 5G Free.

Date and Time: December 5, 2019, 7 pm
Place: Inn of the Seventh Ray, 128 Old Topanga Canyon Rd, Topanga, 90290
Parking: Valet $6 or park on nearby streets
Refreshments will be served