International Radiofrequency Exposure Limits Compared to Proven Biological Effects

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This data has been gathered and organized by Albina Kria, BBEC, EMRS. Units of measurement have all been converted to microwatts per square meter. The citations following each biological effect are the peer-reviewed scientific papers documenting the research studies that … Continued

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

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Published in Scientific American by Joel M. Moskowitz on October 17, 2019 Comment: This article references “over 500 peer-reviewed studies.” If you follow the link they provide, you see there are actually 1,670 studies selected out of over 15,000 studies. … Continued

Tower and Antenna Mapping Project

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Please Join Our People-Powered Cell Tower Mapping Project Because these maps are not properly maintained, we the people have taken it upon ourselves to organize a cell tower / antenna mapping and testing project as an act of self-defense. There … Continued

Searchable Maps of Wireless Infrastructure

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Check These Maps to See How Many Cell Towers Are Located Near Your Home or Workplace These websites were designed so people could choose to rent or buy near good cell phone reception, and they can be used for the … Continued