July 2020 Meeting ~ Learning From the Successes of Others: Recent Local Wins Against Telecom

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5G Free California Monthly Zoom Meeting:
Thursday, July 9th, 6 pm Pacific

Click here to view the edited video of the meeting. We apologize for the interruptions to the live meeting. It won’t happen again.

The theme of the July 2020 Zoom meeting was Lessons from Local Municipalities Winning the Battle to Halt 5G and Other Wireless Infrastructure Roll-outs. We scheduled a panel of four presenters:

  • Paska Ann of Easton, Connecticut, who was successful in getting her town to pass a moratorium to stop the 5G roll-out until health and safety studies have been completed.
  • Kelly Marcotulli of Ashland, Oregon, who formed Oregon for Safer Technology and recently defeated a planned AT&T 105-foot mono-pine cell tower in the center of town and in close proximity to a pre-school, an elementary school, a middle school, university dorms, and many residences.
  • Debra Greene, PhD of Keep Your Power, from Maui, Hawaii, who has beat back two towers and has powerful action strategies to share.
  • Paul G of Scientists for Wired Tech, who has successfully supported stopping cell tower installations and upgrades in several San Francisco Bay area communities as well as Hawaii.
July 2020 Meeting Recording - Learning From the Successes of Others Winning Against Telecoms
Click to view the edited video of the meeting

This was an exciting meeting, and we hope you will take notes when watching the video recording. We began with presentations from the four panelists (ten minutes each), and then we opened up for taking your questions. The speakers detailed lots of excellent strategy and tactics which can be used in your local community.

We notified people in advance that we would be publishing the recording of the meeting via BitChute, and that your choice to speak your question aloud during the meeting is your permission for us to record your voice and publish it on the world wide web. We also gave the option for people to type questions into the chat or email questions in advance if they preferred to remain anonymous.

We asked for registration for the meeting so we could add your email address to our mailing list. Registration for the meeting is acknowledgement that you would like to be added to our list. If you would like to be removed from our list, please reply to any of our emails saying so.